Cake Orchestra

I like music, but I can’t play an instrument. I also like cakes and own an Arduino. So I put them all together to make a Cake Orchestra: a snack interface for music.



  1. Connect the LDRs to the Arduino’s analog pins using the resistors and wires (this guide will help). Remember to leave space around the LDRs to insert cakes!
  2. Get the Arduino to write its pin values to its serial port (this guide will help).
  3. Connect the Arduino to your computer running Processing and listen on the computer serial port (this guide will help).
  4. Pipe the values arriving in Processing into the Soundcipher library, making different instruments for each pin (the Soundcipher tutorials will help).
  5. Place cakes on the LDRs (use your imagination to help here).
  6. Remove your cat (I failed to do this).
  7. Lift cakes up and down :).


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